A storefront is a web site of your company placed at Florvertical.com. You can also access it by means of your own domain. It is a place from where you can interact with the companies of the green industry.
Company information.

Products catalogue.

News and events channel

Business card (it includes identifying data, link to your web page and e-mail address).

Industry contents cession: Florvertical.com gives for free specialised contents to their clients, which will add a very important value to their web page, continuosly updated.

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A storefront in Florvertical.com also includes the following advantages:

Continuous updating of your storefront free of charge.

Free storefront translation service.

Free subdomain, of the sort yourname.florvertical.com.

Access to the market place to buy and sell on-line.

E-mail acount of the sort: yourname@florvertical.com.

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Costs cuts.

Widening of your market share.

Breaking linguistic and time boundaries.

No need of intermediaries.

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A storefront is the perfect complement to your web page: apart from your own visits, you will make profit of Florvertical.com visitors who access to your web page by means of your storefront.

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Mercat de Flor i Planta de Catalunya (Flowers)
Mercat de Flor i Planta de Catalunya (Plants)

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