European markets evolution. Week 47   
  Supplies remain steady, prices decrease.

Week 47 has been marked by steady supplies just with a slight increase. The middle price of stems finished on 0.25 euros, 0.009 euros down on the price of the week before, and 0.04 cents down on the price achieved during the same week last year.

Supply volumes of raceme chrysanthemums remained steady compared with last year. However, the middle price of 0.28 euros was 0.054 euros lower than the middle price achieved during the same week last year. Santini supplies were down slightly and as a result the middle price went up by 0.022 euros to finish on 0.26 euros.

The middle price of large-flower roses was 0.32 euros, a drop of 0.031 euros on the price of the same week last year. The price of Gypsophila also decreased to 0.19 cents, which is 0.14 euros less than the middle price of the same week last year.

Lily supplies were slightly down, with the middle price of 0.43 euros representing drop of 0.027 euros on last year. The number of Lisianthus stems on offer also dropped drastically (-15%). The middle price was 0.48 euros and that was 0.018 euros less than last year.

Supplies of typical Christmas products are beginning to enter the markets. One of those products is the Ilex verticillata. Its middle price finished on 0.58 euros, which is 0.09 euros more than last year. Early this week supplies not being over-abundant, middle prices are expected to increase.

Source: FLORVERTICAL.COM Editorial Department


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