Barcelone European Cup 2003   
  All over Spain

One year has already passed since the Spanish Federation of Florists Companies (Federación Española de Empresarios Floristas, FEEF) was chosen in Zurich as host of the European Cup 2003 in Barcelone by the European Federation. The awarding was received with great enthusiasm by all the associations of the sector and had from the beginning the support of private and public bodies. The celebration of the European cup in Spain represents a unique opportunity to show Europe the professional quality of our sector. From an artistic point of view the cup will gather the best professionals worldwide showing the newest tendencies; and from a commercial point of view the event will act as a promotion platform for florist national products and accessories and therefore, as a great opportunity for all the companies of the sector.

That is why FEEF and its associates have been working tirelessly since the candidature. Looking for the support and sponsorship the event requires, several promotion travels have been made to the most important flower production sites in order to contact both with public administrations and with private companies.

The Barcelone European Cup has also been present in all the fairs and events of the sector such as Iberflora in Valencia, Expohogar Regalo Otoño in Barcelone and the already traditional Mercademostraciones of the Mercat Central de la Flor of Mercabarna. We will aso be represented in Hortimostra and Expohogar Regalo Primavera in February.

The organization of the Cup is working tirelessly to make it a success. The importance of the event deserves the commitment of all the sector.

Source: FLORVERTICAL.COM Editorial Department


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